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Winfrasoft TMG & UAG Appliance Series Listing updated: March 4, 2013

The Winfrasoft Appliances Series is solution focused, not hardware focused.We use top quality server manufacturers and virtualisation platforms to remove any doubts about the quality of the hardware and its supportability.

Add the value - With our background of an ISV (Microsoft Gold Certified) we are uniquely positioned to deliver appliances that solve real world problems by working with best of breed partners such as Dell, HP, Microsoft, VMware and others.

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Celestix MSA Threat Management Gateway Series Listing updated: March 4, 2013

Celestix MSA security appliances deliver Microsoft’s Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 for unmatched multi-threat protection with industry-leading ease of use and value. Performance, reliability, and ease of deployment/management backed by expert Celestix customer support have made MSA the world’s best-selling Microsoft security appliances.
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NetWrix VMware Change Reporter Freeware Edition Listing updated: February 15, 2013

NetWrix VMware Change Reporter Freeware Edition is a simple solution that audits all changes and enforces controlled change management processes across your virtual environment. The tool generates daily reports indicating changes made to your ESX servers, folders, clusters, resource pools, virtual machines, and their hardware, including before and after values for modified settings.

NetWrix VMware Change Reporter Freeware Edition also features a free support.
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2X ApplicationServer XG Listing updated: January 10, 2013

2X ApplicationServer XG delivers virtual desktops & applications to any mobile & desktop device; Cloud-enables virtual desktops & applications through 2X Web Access Portal; Supports all major hypervisors from Microsoft, VMware, Citrix and more; Integrates powerful universal printing & scanning functionality; Supports thin clients (HP, Wyse, 10ZiG) & the device-independent 2X OS; and contains high-capacity, resource-based load balancing and management features.

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Altaro Hyper-V Backup – Freeware Edition Listing updated: January 3, 2013

Altaro Hyper-V Backup is an easy to use, yet powerful backup solution for Microsoft Hyper-V, which takes the guesswork out of backing up VMs and does all the complex Hyper-V backup configuration for the admin. Make hot backups on the fly, take benefit from our ReverseDelta incremental backup technology and easily restore a backed up VM in just 5 clicks.

Don't take our word for it - Download your free copy of Altaro Hyper-V Backup and use the tool for up to 2 VMs for free, forever. No catch, no sales pitch.
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Veeam Backup and Replication Free Edition for VMware and Hyper-v Listing updated: December 17, 2012

Cloning, copying or exporting a virtual machine (VM) can be time-consuming and resource intensive. And if you have to power off or pause the VM, it can be disruptive, too.

But with VeeamZIP™ you can easily backup a VM for restore on any host. Whether you use VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, or a combination of both, Veeam® Backup™ Free Edition fits right into your environment. And however you do regular backups, Veeam Backup Free Edition is the must-have tool for managing your VMs.
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Veeam ONE Free Edition for VMware and Hyper-V Listing updated: December 17, 2012

Veeam ONE Free Edition is a risk-free way to experience firsthand the many benefits that Veeam ONE brings to virtualization management. With no restrictions on the number of hosts, management servers and Failover Clusters you can monitor and report on, Veeam ONE Free Edition lets you see how 24x7 real-time monitoring, resource optimization, management reporting and more can improve the performance and availability of your virtual environment.
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Spiceworks' 100% Free Virtualization Management Tool Listing updated: November 27, 2012

Download a completely free virtualization management tool to track virtual servers running on your network. *This is NOT a free trial, "freemium", or stripped down verision.* Spiceworks’ virtualization management accurately finds and categorizes virtual server data to find hardware & VM hypervisors on hosts and view all VMware virtual machines. Part of the brand new Spiceworks 6.0 that includes an IT knowledge base, network monitoring, multi-site help desk, troubleshooting tools, TFTP server, SNMP monitoring, active directory management, & more. Spiceworks is free now and will always be free, including support and frequent product upgrades. Download today - and share with your peers!

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Citrix XenApp Listing updated: August 2, 2012

Citrix XenApp is an on-demand application delivery solution that enables any Windows® application to be virtualized, centralized, and managed in the datacenter and instantly delivered as a service to users anywhere on any device. XenApp enables organizations to improve application management by centralizing applications in the datacenter to reduce costs, controlling and encrypting access to data and applications to improve security and delivering applications instantly to users anywhere

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ObserveIT Listing updated: August 2, 2012

Record and Replay all remote user sessions on your network servers. Any remote access or console session is searchable and ready for playback! Protocol-agnostic: ObserveIT records Terminal Server, Citrix, Remote Desktop, SSH, VMware and more.

ObserveIT makes easy work out of security audits by generating video and text logs for everything that happens on your servers. (Even for apps that don’t have their own internal logs!) You’ll be up and running in minutes.

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