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Quest vWorkspace (Enterprise Edition) Listing updated: August 2, 2012

The vWorkspace is an enterprise virtual desktop and application delivery solution for the VMware Virtual Infrastructure and the Microsoft Windows Terminal Server platforms - embracing and extending both to deliver highly resilient and scalable on-demand desktop deployment and application delivery for enterprises worldwide.

The Quest Software vWorkspace is the only commercially available solution delivering the most comprehensive feature-set to consolidate the delivery of applications (including support for streaming) & consolidate the deployment of desktops from; terminal servers, blade or physical PCs and virtual infrastructures such as VMware VI3.

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Rangee Thin Client Listing updated: July 5, 2006

Rangee offers a wide range of thin client products. With the Rangee PC-Stick, you can transform PC into thin clients. Rangee offers also Thin Clients with integrated 17" TFT solutions. Rangee Thin Clients support all kind of terminal Services like Microsoft Terminal Server, Citrix Metaframe Server, Nomachine NX Server and Terminal Emulation. The Rangee X-Modell also contains a Web Browser. Remote mangemnet can be done with VNC (desktop shadowing), Webbrowser (remote access to the setup menu) and the thin client mangement server (TCMS) for enterprisewide administration for groups of thin clients.
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Reflection Suite for X Listing updated: July 14, 2006

Reflection Suite for X is a PC X server, an NFS client, and terminal emulation software all rolled into one. With this multi-purpose solution, you can connect Windows users to applications on UNIX, OpenVMS, IBM, Unisys, and Linux systems. You can also provide easy access to NFS resources.

Reflection Suite for X lets you: Leverage the benefits of new desktop platforms, such as Microsoft Windows XP x64 Edition (native); Work in multiple X screens for a single server instance; Meet the stringent FIPS 140-2 and DOD-PKI security requirement; Protect critical data using Reflection’s fully integrated SSH and Kerberos clients; Provide secure access to multiple hosts with simplified sign-on; Use certificates to authenticate to host applications; Simplify certificate use with Reflection Certificate Manager.
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Relevos TSE Listing updated: September 14, 2005

Relevos addresses the a critical issue concerning terminal server performance: user and application response times. Relevos monitors all running processes and users, identifying those that consume excessive CPU and memory resources, and ensures no user or process can consume excessive CPU or memory resources at the expense of other users or other processes. It accomplishes this so the terminal server can concentrate on serving applications to users. This product is designed exclusively for customers running Citrix MetaFrame, Tarantella Secure Global Desktop, or standard terminal server.

Features include: CPU Throttling: Sets a maximum CPU % for any process or service, thereby ensuring no process can consume all of the CPU at the expense of other users or processes.
Intelligent Priority Control: Modifies and balances the operating system's internal scheduler for thread and process priority. Compatibility: Relevos TSE runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows server operating systems, including Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 Server, and Windows NT4 Terminal Server Edition. Relevos TSE requires the base terminal services to be enabled. Optionally, third-party server based computing software can run alongside Relevos, such as software from Citrix, Tarantella, and Jetro. Relevos automatically turns on CPU Throttling and Intelligent Priority Control when installed. Relevos records processes and users according to CPU usage, Memory usage, and user sessions.
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RemoteScan for Terminal Services Listing updated: January 18, 2006

RemoteScan is a software solution that turns any document scanner, card scanner, flatbed scanner, or other imaging device, into a network device right out of the box. With RemoteScan ordinary as well as high-end scanners can now be shared with other PCs or Thin Clients across your entire network. Installed on a Terminal Services or Citrix Server, RemoteScan allows users at workstations (PCs or Thin Clients) to scan directly into any of their software applications which are running on the server.
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RTO PinPoint Listing updated: August 30, 2007

RTO PinPoint is an application performance monitoring solution used by enterprise IT managers and staff to solve many different types of problems in their application infrastructure.

RTO PinPoint includes features that address common situations and thereby enables the enterprise IT staff to manage and optimize the performance of business-critical applications. Some of the key features include the following: Root cause Analysis – Simple intuitive interface and easy to find and troubleshoot root cause with the ability to replay historical activity. End-To-End monitoring – Collect, measure and monitor application performance from the client to the server endpoints and track the User Experience. Critical Path Monitoring – Auto-discover servers and group business-critical servers in the critical path of a transaction or user session and set alerts and threshold triggers to this group.
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RTO TScale Listing updated: September 15, 2005

For companies needing to stretch the usefulness and value of their terminal server environment, RTO TScale enhances overall efficiency and lowers total cost of ownership. TScale provides a way to improve performance, stability and the capacity of thin-client servers. It lets you improve your end-user experience and quality of service by automating performance efficiencies that control how applications run on your servers. Now you can add more users and applications to handle peak loads on your existing Citrix MetaFrame or Microsoft Terminal Services running Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows 2003--without degrading application performance.
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SafeWord for Citrix Listing updated: October 16, 2007

SafeWord for Citrix adds strong authentication to your Citrix deployments, positively identifying users who access your Citrix applications. SafeWord for Citrix delivers security through one-time passcode-generating hardware tokens. Only the SafeWord server knows which passcode will allow the user to gain access. This eliminates threats from outsiders stealing, copying, or reusing passwords.

Tight integration with Citrix products and Active Directory allows your users to access Citrix applications and your administrators to manage tokens and users.
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Scense 7.0 Listing updated: September 15, 2010

Scense is a user centric desktop management and application delivery solution for MS Windows environments. Scense delivers workspace management in both physical and virtual environments. Scense eliminates all complexity within mixed environments by managing and delivering physical and virtual applications and desktops in the same transparent and elegant way. End users can work anywhere, anytime.
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ScrewDrivers v4 Listing updated: July 21, 2006

ScrewDrivers v4 is triCerat's stand-alone print application that eliminates the hassle and challenge of managing drivers on your Terminal Server and Citrix environments, ending print problems that increase support cost and effort. Unlike other printing solutions that emulate a lowest-common denominator printer driver or are simply a backup for auto-creation failures, ScrewDrivers detects the user's printer attributes and dynamically creates a fully featured virtual printer. ScrewDrivers also overcome the limitations of print solutions based on PDF or EMF formats, providing unmatched document handling and print performance regardless of application or printer.

ScrewDrivers requires minimal configuration. When you're ready to stop managing drivers on your servers and provide users with problem-free printing from any application to any printer, using any printer setting, you're ready for ScrewDrivers.
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